Future Music Educators Colloquium


Making a career choice is an important part of every young person’s life. You need to have as much information as possible to make a well informed decision.

The Indiana Music Education Association wants to help talented high school students who think they want a career as a music teacher make a decision that is right for them and right for the profession.

The Future Music Educators Colloquium provides just such an opportunity. It is an intensive, two and a half day workshop designed for high school students to learn more about what it takes to be a successful school music educator. The FMEC is part of the IMEA Professional Development Conference. 

Students engage in serious discussion about what makes an excellent school music program. Topics include their preparatory education and college choice and what to look for when making that decision. We also talk about deciding what areas of music they wish to teach and at what grade level. Our discussions also include conversation about the climate and culture of school music and how it is different from other academic discipline.

Everyone will be able to participate in virtually all aspects of the conference, Clinics, workshops, concerts, and displays by book and music publishers as well as instrument manufacturers.


When: January 16-18, 2025

Where:  Grand Wayne Convention Center
120 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

 Applications are closed.




Along with wonderful discussion about music education, the students have the opportunity to attend the clinics and workshops along with classroom teachers. These sessions are presented by some of the finest educators in the profession. Many of these sessions are interactive and encourage student participation. These include everything from how to be an effective fundraiser to improving your conducting skills.

Music reading sessions are part of the clinic list. Teachers and students have the chance to participate in an ensemble reading some of the newest music in print.



Concerts and performances are a major part of the IMEA Conference. They are presented by some of Indiana’s premier performance ensembles in instrumental and vocal music and from all grade levels from elementary to collegiate. The students also have the chance to attend the Friday evening concert which is presented by nationally recognized professional music groups.



Instrument Manufacturers, music publishers, fundraisers, and other displays are part of the industry highlights. Participants are encouraged to engage with exhibitors to gather more information and learn more about the music industries.



Cost for the Future Music Educators Colloquium is $195. This is an all inclusive price for the students. Meals from Thursday evening to Saturday lunch, housing (four students to a room) and all conference expenses are included.



Students are housed four to a room at the conference hotels. All of the hotels are connected with the Grand Wayne Convention. Once the students arrive and check in, they don’t have to leave the immediate vicinity until it is time to return home. Parking is included with their hotel registration which is taken care of by FMEC.



All meals are provided and served in the immediate area of the convention. However, we sometimes venture out of the convention center for a meal. Whenever this happens, we go as a group and under adult supervision.