All-State & Honor Ensembles


Students at the High School and Collegiate levels have the opportunity to participate in one of several All State & Honor Ensembles.  These statewide ensembles typically perform at the IMEA Professional Development Conference in January of each year. For 2021, select ensembles will perform in Carmel at The Palladium on May 21 or June 3. 


The health and safety of all participants is of paramount importance to IMEA.  IMEA remains committed to following up to date best practices when it comes to all aspects of the rehearsal, housing and performance of our ensembles.  To that end:
1)  Plans will be reviewed with the Marion County Health Department 1 month prior to the rehearsals and performances of our ensembles and regular check ins will follow leading up to the event.  IMEA wants to ensure that it is using the most up to date information possible.
2)  Money has been set aside to purchase the appropriate amounts of sanitizer, masks and other protective equipment.
3)  Meeting space has been expanded at the host site to ensure proper social distancing during rehearsals and meals.
4)  Extra housing has been set aside so that parents who prefer to stay with their child may do so.
5)  Best practices will be utilized during rehearsals including frequent breaks and wearing of masks while singing.  The host space is large enough that where possible, IMEA is working to accommodate outdoor rehearsals.
6)  The palladium's choir loft is large enough to accommodate social distancing during the performance, however additional risers may be brought in to accommodate even more social distancing.
7)  Rehearsal and meal spaces will be limited to participants to reduce congestion.  IMEA is taking over most of the space at the host site which will also reduce the possibility of congestion and other factors.
8)  Over the next several months IMEA will continue to consult with other associations and organizations that have hosted in person events to determine best practices.  IMEA is also consulting with healthcare experts to determine what, if any, additional precautions need to be implemented.
Selected students will perform with other students from throughout the state at a high level, under the guidance of an experienced and well-regarded clinician.

Ensembles that perform at the IMEA Professional Development Conference Include (in no particular order):


Click here to view the  All state and Honor Ensemble performances order forms from the conference.