Composition Competition

The IMEA Composition Competition is an annual competition that offers young Indiana composers (grades six through college) the opportunity to have their work evaluated by established composers/educators who provide written feedback. This event is designed to help these young composers learn and grow as creative musical thinkers. The winning composers were recognized at the Professional Conference in January.

2022 Gold Rating Recipients

Name: Noah Strawhacker

Composition Title: “Tarantella in C Minor”

Sample of Composition: Recording

Division: 2022 High School Division, Instrumental Solo

School: Fishers High School

Teacher: Julie Armey

Bio: Noah Strawhacker was born in Noblesville, Indiana, in the summer of 2005. He was exposed to music at an early age via his mother, a pianist, and later joined his school orchestra, where he started to compose music at the encouragement of his orchestra teacher. Since then, he has written for a variety of instruments, including string orchestra, solo piano, string quartet, and chamber orchestra, attempting to create music in a modern romantic style that appeals to everyone, yet retains its complexity and thoughtfulness.

 Name: Mahima Shyamala Vinay

Composition Title: “The Travels of the Anadromous Salmon”

Sample of Composition: Recording

Division: 2022 High School Division, Chamber

School: Penn High School

Teacher: Anne Tschetter

Bio: Mahima Vinay is a 10th grader from South Bend. Since the age of four, she has learned many disciplines of music and gathered many diverse experiences. Mahima performs solo voice in the South Indian Classical (Carnatic) tradition and sings in her school choir. She has previously studied piano and currently plays violin in her school’s showcase orchestra. Mahima has been composing for the past five years for a multitude of different choral and instrumental ensembles. In 2021, she attended the High School Composition Intensive summer course at the Berklee College of Music. Mahima won the IMEA Composition Competition in 2019.

 Name: Yosmar Flores-Vasquez

Composition Title: “Intermezzo”

Sample of Composition: Recording

Division: 2022 High School Division, Instrumental Solo

School: Speedway High School

Teacher: Amy Mohl

Bio: My name is Yosmar Flores-Vasquez and I am in my Junior year of high school at Speedway Senior High School. I have been accepted into the 2022 All District Band, have received a gold rating at ISSMA after performing a marimba solo, and have achieved a Gold rating with a piano solo. I have enjoyed using my knowledge to create my personal work since my freshman year of high school and some of my work has been paid for by my school. Although with so much music in my life, I speak fluent Spanish and have an interest in other languages, run in track and cross country, and aspire to attend med school one day. 

 Name: Bingrou Guo

Composition Title: “An Autumn Thought”

Sample of Composition: Recording

Division: 2022 Collegiate Division, Vocal Solo

School: Taylor University

Teacher: Dr. Todd Syswerda and Dr. Jonathan Brooks

Bio: Bingrou Guo (Hannah) is a composition major at Taylor University, and she is in her senior year. As an international student originally from Beijing, China, she found her cross-cultural experience becoming part of her unique composition style. Until 2022, she has composed for mostly specific individuals and groups around her, such as Taylor Wind Ensemble, University Chorale, String Quartet and else. She recently had a combined recital that enriched her experience of working with other musicians, and she will be writing music for many university campus events this year.